Day: May 29, 2020

Revisiting the Knicks’ 2009 draft: Was there a backup plan to land Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry wanted to be drafted by the Knicks, to play in Mike D’Antoni’s system in the bright lights of Madison Square Garden. Curry’s father, Dell, and agent Jeff Austin both wanted Stephen in New York and called up Larry Riley, then the Warriors GM, trying to pressure him not to draft the young Curry. […]

Depression viewed differently when thought to be biological

People who believe more strongly that depression is biologically caused also tend to think it is more severe and long lasting, compared to those who see less of a role for biological causes, a new Rutgers study finds. At the same time, people who believe that biological factors cause depression also tend to be more […]

Nissan to set out survival plan after expected annual loss

Nissan Motor Co (7201.T) will unveil its plan to become a smaller, more cost-efficient automaker on Thursday as it looks to recover from four years of tumbling profits which are set to culminate in its first annual operating loss in 11 years. The Japanese carmaker’s second recovery plan in less than a year will outline […]

A robot sheepdog? ‘No one wants this,’ says one shepherd

It’s certainly an arresting image: a four-legged robot trots across a grassy hillside, steering a herd of sheep without a human in sight. The apparently seamless fusion of the futuristic and the agrarian feels refreshing — even hopeful — at a time when so much progress relies upon the destruction of the natural world. But […]

Riots break out over George Floyd’s death after being killed by white cop

Thousands of protesters joined massive riots in the streets to demand justice for George Floyd after he was killed while being arrested by a white police officer. Horrifying video showed an unarmed Floyd lying face down in the street, gasping for air and pleading ‘I can’t breathe’ while the officer knelt on his neck for […]