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A robot sheepdog? ‘No one wants this,’ says one shepherd

It’s certainly an arresting image: a four-legged robot trots across a grassy hillside, steering a herd of sheep without a human in sight. The apparently seamless fusion of the futuristic and the agrarian feels refreshing — even hopeful — at a time when so much progress relies upon the destruction of the natural world. But […]

Outlook for Windows will soon sync email signatures across devices

Microsoft is finally bringing cloud support to Outlook for Windows email signatures. It’s a feature that Outlook users have been requesting for more than a decade, and it has remained at the top of Microsoft’s most-requested feature list for Outlook for Windows for nearly three years. Microsoft originally acknowledged that it was planning some type […]

The Google Pixel 3A and 3A XL are up to $160 off at several retailers

Google’s midrange Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL are more affordable than ever today. Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo have discounted the 3A with 64GB of storage to $279 ($120 off). The larger Pixel 3A XL is seeing an even bigger $160 price cut at those stores, which brings the cost of the 64GB […]

Grandmother posting Facebook photos of her grandchildren violates GDPR privacy rule, court says

A grandmother in the Netherlands has until this weekend to remove photos of her grandchildren from her Facebook page, or she’ll face daily fines, after a judge found she was violating the European Union’s strict online privacy rules, the BBC reported. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not generally apply to personal or […]

Researchers claim new internet speed record of 44.2 Tbps

Researchers based out of Australia’s Monash, Swinburne, and RMIT universities say they’ve set a new internet speed record of 44.2 Tbps, according to a paper published in the open-access journal Nature Communications. That’s theoretically enough speed to download the contents of more than 50 100GB Ultra HD Blu-ray discs in a single second. What’s interesting […]

Pac-Man will be playable on Twitch starting this June

Pac-Man will be a playable game on Twitch starting this June, Bandai Namco and Amazon Games announced today. To play the Twitch version of the game, called Pac-Man Live Studio, you’ll just need to navigate to the dedicated Twitch channel for the game when it goes live, though you’ll only be able to play it […]

The Oppo Watch isn’t bad, but it does look like an Apple Watch

After I recently wrote about Oppo’s “oddly familiar” new smartwatch, Oppo got in touch with me to ask whether I’d be interested in checking it out for myself, even though it’ll only be available in China until later this year. The company representative suggested that I might find it less familiar in person, so I […]